Sunday, 8 November 2015

Farmers wifing

Well I love a good sew along .... And they are like buses you wait ages then not one but two come along a t the same time.

The first farmers wife too me forever to do. I started off using templates and dear lord I hated it. Fiddly little beggars. It took me about three years to do 40 blocks.

Then I discovered the paper piecing yahoo group and it all exploded. I did about 50 blocks in three months and they were fab!

You remember this right?

I'm sleeping under it right now it's blooming freezing here.

So when both Verykerryberry and Gnome Angel started quilt alongs for the latest Farmers wife 1930s book I didn't know which one to join so I am sort of doing them both ....

It's been a grim and grey weekend and I needed some chill out time so I spent my time getting up to speed with what I could, so my tally at the moment is 21 blocks. I am of course foundation paper piecing. Me and templates are never destined to get on.

I like photographing them with my little owl, they were wise women those farmers wives!

Oh yes I am of course using mainly 30s repros with a little bit of Leicen minny muu thrown in.

Looooooook Scottie doggies!


Owl is disapproving of my photography skills ....

More Scottie doggies! This is my favourite so far.

I should maybe mention that most of the thirties repros are left over from my Tula Pink butterfly quilt, more on that in another post ...

Right, that's enough of the farmers wife for the noo, tatty bye.

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  1. They look fab!! Do they finish really weenie like the original one so you need a billion blocks? Still absolutely love that orange!!!