Thursday, 12 November 2015

International swapping!


I done an international swap :-) ok I've done them before but this was an extra extra speshul one. I am honoured to belong to the Edinburgh Modern Quilt guild this year we connected with the Melbourne Modern quilt guild and arranged a mini quilt swap.

I was partnered with the gorgeous Melissa - msmidge Hugely prolific, talented and utterly fantastic quilter, so no pressure there then!! And she's lovely to boot, so I really wanted to hit this one straight out of the park.

Melissa requested a small mini less than 15 inches if possible. No problem there, we were loosely trying to use our own countries fabric so I hemmed and hawed about what to choose.

But hey you can't beat some good old Liberty can you?


What pattern though?? Oh I say how my all time favourite paper piecing dancing ribbons by Cindy Rounds Richards??

I adore this pattern!!


Right, first off, organisation is crucial in this, good job I'm a librarian, right?


Do you like the hot pink Liberty?? Pretty fab huh?

All you need to do now is sew.


Bit more sewing ...



Half way there


Whoooomph! All inset, just need a middle bit!



We have a middle bit!!!

The lovely msmidge recieved this yesterday and she loves it, yea!! And yea for quilt swaps.

This is me, showing it off at the EMQ meeting before sending off. I was still sewing on binding, hence the wonder clips!


Sunday, 8 November 2015

Farmers wifing

Well I love a good sew along .... And they are like buses you wait ages then not one but two come along a t the same time.

The first farmers wife too me forever to do. I started off using templates and dear lord I hated it. Fiddly little beggars. It took me about three years to do 40 blocks.

Then I discovered the paper piecing yahoo group and it all exploded. I did about 50 blocks in three months and they were fab!

You remember this right?

I'm sleeping under it right now it's blooming freezing here.

So when both Verykerryberry and Gnome Angel started quilt alongs for the latest Farmers wife 1930s book I didn't know which one to join so I am sort of doing them both ....

It's been a grim and grey weekend and I needed some chill out time so I spent my time getting up to speed with what I could, so my tally at the moment is 21 blocks. I am of course foundation paper piecing. Me and templates are never destined to get on.

I like photographing them with my little owl, they were wise women those farmers wives!

Oh yes I am of course using mainly 30s repros with a little bit of Leicen minny muu thrown in.

Looooooook Scottie doggies!


Owl is disapproving of my photography skills ....

More Scottie doggies! This is my favourite so far.

I should maybe mention that most of the thirties repros are left over from my Tula Pink butterfly quilt, more on that in another post ...

Right, that's enough of the farmers wife for the noo, tatty bye.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Now come on, who doesn't love a good window display?? I am always in awe of the people who can create little works of art in a window.

When we were on holiday in Florence last week there were numerous gorgeous window displays. I managed to get a few pics of some.







Monday, 2 November 2015



I often think (overthink mostly!) about what this blog is for. Is it just for me? Is it a simple record of what I quilt? A bland anodyne list of "this is my latest quilt ...." I fear saying more, why? Are people reading it? Well people are sometimes nice enough to make comments *waves* thank you! It's nice to get comments.
I was chatting to a young friend who has struggled with mental health issues. Lovely young man. He has just started blogging and we spoke about it as a reflective practice. I like that. Not just a list of quilts but more of a reflection.
Sometimes it's just nice to get things out ... Just set it down. I could use paper and pen but this seems more appropriate.
Ruminating can be a good thing but when you are simply chewing over the same old *stuff* then it's not so good. Or if you are letting the outside craziness take over then that's not good too.
So here is to ruminating but about the good stuff.
When we were on holiday last week a young lass came up to me in a museum shop and shyly asked to read my tee shirt, I had forgotten what it said so I bent down to give her a better look. English wasn't her first language so I asked her if she understood what it meant, yes she said, "to enjoy happiness we need to know what sadness is"