Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A doggy tastic day

I can find it really difficult to spend time with miserable people. Their negativity and sometimes down right nastiness drags me down and leaves me feeling bleuuuuuurrrrrgggggghhhhh.

I decided today to try and feel sorry for them, I've been called manic, 'overly excitable' and made to feel that being happy is a "bad thing"

Well sod you all, I can only feel the utmost pity for anyone who thinks being over excited is a bad thing. Even if you can't join in why would you want to rain on someone else's parade?

I know we all have things going on, I have *things* going on, that's why I desperately try to find the joy and happiness in life. If all you can do is snark then please go and snark elsewhere.

So today I have been sooper sooper excited because I got to spend some quality time with some lovely doggies.

So please don't snark at that, either join me in happiness or walk away.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Iron caddy tote thingy

I went to a patchwork class, it was great don't get me wrong but there were 6 of us sharing an ironing board. We were using lots of fusible bondaweb, things were getting tense!

So it had been in the back of my mind for a while to make a portable ironing caddy cum pressing mat thingy. I duly purchased some cheap ironing board covers, a cheap travel iron, googled iron caddy tote thingy and off I went :-)

I didn't print out the pattern from the above link I just drew out the measurements onto the ironing board cover, it doesn't need to be exact.

This is what it looks like folded up.


Folded out we have a nifty pressing mat

You don't have to wait for the iron to completely cool down before carrying it away, this is the heat resistant inside.

All in all it took just under two hours and I think it is ACE :-) I can leave this in the back of the car and it's always there for me.



Saturday, 17 October 2015

African scallops

Had this post all written!! It vanished ... Maybe I got slap happy with the backspace button, hey ho.

I started collecting shweshwe fabrics when I was sick, I loved the brilliant vibrant colours, didn't really know what to do with them until I saw Jo Averys beautiful scallop quilt in love patchwork and quilting magazine.

Sooooooo armed with tinfoil and a steam iron I set off.




There we go! This one has already gone to the quilts for Nepal charity. I loved making it but will perhaps be a little less ambitious with my next scallop project!

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Stitchgathering 2015

I have been to every stitchgathering organised by the lovely Jo from Mybearpaw. What can I say 2015 was the best ever!
The fun started with the ticket, we had to choose our favourite word, well I thought tequila was too long so I went with my second favourite word - fun ;-)
Tequila was involved as I may have had one or two before I cut out my "beta" version .....
Normally Jo organises a meal for the Sunday night but this year thought of moving it to the Saturday, great idea and fab ice breaker. Much fun and laughter ensued! Brilliant to put some faces to Instagram names as well.
I did not have an auspicious start on the Sunday, I took a wrong turn and ended up lost in a less than salubrious area of edinburgh ... I arrived stressed to the eyeballs, 15 minutes late.
I was greeted by the wonderful Jonathan Avery who took me gently by the hand and sorted me out. Jonathan you are a wonderful gentleman, I really really appreciated your help.
I got to sit next to the lovely Pauline from the modern quilt guild, great group of ladies on my table.
This is just one of the classrooms!
First class was a mega pinnie with Sheila Donnachie, great instructions, super class and I got to use my panda fabric!

Ok I liked it so much I made two :-) didn't get time to stuff them all.
At lunchtime the tickets were all on display! Jo is going to make a quilt from them all. What an amazing bunch of tickets.

During lunch we had to find our notions swap partner, again the lovely Jo helped me find Alison (raggyroo on Instagram) so I could give her the flora pouch I made.
Just before the afternoon kicked off we had a show and tell. Many thanks to Pam - boongiep on Instagram for taking this picture of me and my Arcadia Avenue quilt.
It was fabulous to see the gorgeous scandi quilt by Nicky Eglinton, it's amazing seeing quilts in the flesh after following their progress online, one of the many things I love about social media. This was a particular favourite so seeing it in the flesh was such a treat.
wwwwaaaaaaaHhhhhhhh my camera phone went fritzy and I didn't get a picture of this gorgeous quilt made with Kaffe Fassett fabric, take my word it was beautiful.
As was this gorgeous Dresden plate.
How often do you get to see a famous designer in front of one of their quilts? A quilt which featured in Love Patchwork and quilting magazine?? Here is the fabulous Jo Avey in front of her modern medallion quilt which featured in this months Love Patchwork magazine. And while I am name dropping I got to sit next to the sooper lovely Jenny Fox Proverbs in the last afternoon class :-)
What can I say about Hikarus clamshell class?? Blimey this must be one of the best prepped classes I have ever been too! Absolutely everything was laid on for us. Hikaru was soooo funny and sweet. I don't normally do well with small fiddly things but this was such a great class it inspired me to do more.

Balls .... I spent the morning worried about my saggy bottom and the afternoon fretting about the size of my balls ....
I needn't have worried the small size was perfect. This class was with the beautiful Sheila Donnachie. I started the day with her and finished the day with her and I can't think of a better combination of classes for me. By this time my brain was frazzled with over excitement and happiness so a class spent pootling about glueing pretty things into a pretty cup was just perfect! The catering lady came into the room and went "phew you would get high on the glue fumes in here!!" We didn't need glue to get high, the event itself was enough to make us high!
Here are our finished teacup pin cushions. I will definately be making more of these!
So long, farewell aufwiedersen goodbye! Jo wraps things up.
Due to being horrifically late in the morning I didn't get to appreciate the goodie bag till I got home, blimey!! Every year it gets better and better, there were 17, yes 17 fat quarters.
A huge thanks to the sponsors *deep breath*:
*exhales* honestly words fail me, how do you do it Jo? The most awesomeness goodie bag ever, till next time anyway ;-)
Last but definitely not least, my swap present from the gorgeous Lucy, she is another North East Quine :-) I think this fits my sewing room just perfectly.