Sunday, 9 August 2015


Annnnnd it's back to work today, so what better to do while having my porridge than remind myself of a fab holiday.
We have been going to the Pine Trees in Pitlochry for almost ten years now. It's been such a huge part of our life. We started going there because it allows dogs, so Bud always came with us.
Mark proposed to me here, we came on honeymoon here, it was the first place I wanted to go to when recovering from chemotherapy.
The staff are always fab, the food is amazing, it's quiet, tranquil, and just the prefect antidote for stress.
My two best boys!


This must have been five years ago, I think this was when we came on honeymoon.
Bud chilling in the lounge, he was always a star, everyone used to come over and chat to him, not to us, just to him! We knew our place.

This was definately on our honeymoon, we had just come back from a 12 mile walk and we're waiting for our cream tea.

Another honeymoon pic with my favourite red dress.

The Williams family.

Some gratuitous shots of the interior so I can come back to this page and remind myself of happy times.


Happy Dr Williams.

Cheery bye Pine Trees, will be back next year.


  1. Looks like a beautiful place to create memories!

  2. Whqt a fantastic place you've found there!

  3. Whqt a fantastic place you've found there!