Wednesday, 26 August 2015

My small world

It all started so innocently, there I was gratuitously scrolling through Instagram, as you do and BAM, there it was. My small world, by Jen Kingwell in QuiltMania. There was even a sew along to go with it, I love a sew along ...
So I purchased my copy of the special edition thanks to WH Smiths in Aberdeen, and off I went.
For about 2 months my cutting and prep table looked like THIS:
If you know me in real life you will know how much this freaks me out, clutter is my worst enemy, I have friends who are afraid to take books off my shelves for fear they won't put them back properly. Now I wouldn't say anything just quietly sneak in behind them and line it up 'Just so' ;-)
Oh man the mess, how can you see what you want?? This amount of clutter was necessary due to the VAST amount of teensy ickle bitty pieces in the quilt top.

It was also necessary to keep out all these *insert sweary word of choice* templates ... See me and templates?? Never going to get on, never.


But we came to a truce me and the templates did and soon part one was under way, forgive the shockingly bad picture.
I loved piecing the sky
I was so excited I even forgot to take the price off one piece ....
Did I mention l like the sky??
3.5 inch churn dash ..... but loooook my favourite IKEA pink polka dot is in there, I think this was my very last piece of that fabric.
Motoring along nicely here, I kind of stopped taking pictures because I was a bit embarrassed about my shonky fudging of the last sections, I couldn't do (be bothered ...) the little hexy half circle or the lovely triangle rainbow thingy, I did do the half circle rainbow whatsit thingy but it was very very squint .... I simply found some fabric panels with bunting on them and substituted those :-)
Soon it came time to quilt, using my awesome ninja FMQing skilz (non existent ...) I did an all over loopy meander, stipply thing.
And there we go, one 'my small world
Do you see the fab arrow fabric? That's your actual Japanese fabric straight from Japan that is :-) some of the lovely lecturers at work were in Japan for a conference and brought me back a pack of fabric, I used up the last of it in this quilt. They are occupational therapists and since this quilt is full of references to home and activities of daily living I am going to donate it to the department. I am the subject librarian for Occupational Therapy and while making this I couldn't stop thinking about the staff and the students, the literature searches I do with them and all the great work they do. I love being their librarian sooooo much. I hope they like it!




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