Sunday, 16 August 2015

Arcadia Avenue

I knew when I saw this pattern from Sassafras Lane, that I had to make it. I've grown to have a comfortable relationship with foundation piecing after a fractious start. It took ages for me to get the hang of it, but now I do love it.

I chose to mostly follow the colour scheme they had in the book, I loved the inclusion of a swatch chart in the back of the book so you could keep track of what colours went where.

Once I got in my groove it all came together fairly quickly, there were some blocks which were more challenging than others.

This one had a load of teeny bits and pieces, the most challenging part was taking out the paper!


Once they were laid out I then had to decide what to use for the sashing triangles.

I did actually toy with the idea of not using any setting triangles and just putting them together like this.

My first thought after that was this rather vibrant orange.

I asked the collective hive on Instagram and there were mixed opinions, most seemed to think orange was good but not THIS orange.

Ok, the wonderful Nessa said wait for the festival of quilts and see if inspiration hits there.

So I did. The first thing I looked at was a bit of Kaffe. You can't beat a bit of Kaffe :-)

Hmmmm said Instagram, praps not?

Then i hit on this.


Softer orange with red polka dots, I love a polka dot I do :-)

So that became this:

Which then blossomed into this:

The original too vibrant orange will become backing.

So another one hits the "too be quilted pile"


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  1. Wow, these blocks are great, I love a rainbow!