Friday, 31 July 2015

When Rocco came to stay

I miss my dog Bud more than anything but I am fortunate enough to be able to walk this gorgeous doodle most days at work.


His name is Rocco and when his lovely owner asked if I would look after him for a weekend , well .... !!!! I didn't need to think twice!


We take a good selfie :-)

He and Mark got on famously, basically all you have to do is throw a squeaky ball and Rocco is your best pal.

We introduced him to some of Buds old walks.


We just had the best time, Rocco you can come and stay at your daft aunty Sheila's house any time.

Even mini Bud was impressed ( I think ...)



Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The 50 year old quilt

When people know you quilt or sew they are forever giving you fabric, which is nice! I was really surprised though when a chum gave me her precious fabric from a quilt she had as a child, she kept the bottom strip of it, it was a wind in the willows pattern.

Now my chum is in her early sixties so I figured this fabric must be about 50 years old? It was still in really good condition so I fussy cut out the characters added in some floral and sheep fabric, et voila!


Perfect for a Linus quilt, thank you lovely Cass for parting with your quilt so I can make another quilt!

Sunday, 12 July 2015


It hardly seems like any time ago that I signed up for The Little Blog Quilt Bee run by Lou. I asked for a simple postage stamp block a grid of five 2.5 inch blocks, scrappy fun and bright.

My intention was to make the Messy Jesse scrappy Irish chain quilt.

Well ... the lovely ladies in the bee loved it so much they gave me way more blocks than I needed! Most sent two or three, one sent me five!

I was sorting through the them trying to pick which ones to use then I realised that I could use them all. Just make three smaller quilts!

I used my beloved IKEA pink polka dots in one version:


I used IKEA blue and red polka dots on another:


As I was on a winning steel I went with emerald polka dots for the third!



I made these as charity quilts, and I was lucky enough to see the children getting them. They went to Children of Chernobyl, the Forth Valley group. I went along to their thank you concert and handed over 18 quilts which included these to the children.

A very very special night, one you boy kept hugging me around the knees and saying thank you.

Of course I cried :-) wouldn't you?

Thank you LBQB ladies your blocks were fab.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Getting organised ...

It all used to be so simple, you took your photos, you took the roll down to boots, got them developed and then whacked them in an album, job done.

Now? Well it's all fab of course, you don't have to wait weeks to get them it's all instant, storage? Not a problem you have your cloud, many clouds ... So many blooming clouds that you forget which blooming cloud your blooming photos are in!

After wrangling with Flickr, google plus, Google docs and one drive I think I may now have a system *hollow laughter*

I found a whole heap I hadn't blogged about. So here goes!!

First off a bundle of cute Linus quilts. I had a bunch of purple charm packs so first up is a Dresden made with those and the ubiquitous IKEA polka dots.

I thought some of the left overs would make a nice heart quilt.


I chopped up some novelty fabric and other scraps into charm squares and whipped these up.


I may have had some stripy charms left over too!

I also found some poor wee orphan blocks so those became this.


And that's enough for tonight, the raspberry gin is calling :-)