Tuesday, 30 June 2015


When I was young ... Many many moons ago ... I couldn't say the word skeletons, I said skelingtons instead and my sister always made fun of me , no change there then!

I saw this Skeleton toile years ago at the festival of quilts in Birmingham.

I loved it so much I bought it in three colours, red white and blue.

I had NO idea what to do with it so it languished in the cupboard. I knew I wanted a pattern which would focus on the big print so Amanda Murphys Topiary Tile pattern fitted the bill perfectly. But what fabrics to put with it?

It was only when I was putting away my fabric from Paducah that I saw the Anna Griffin Madison was perfect to go with my skelingtons!



So it all kind of grew from there!


It's still in progress but my beautiful skelingtons will be liberated from the cupboard.


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