Tuesday, 23 June 2015


I went to a retreat! I loved it! It was my second time at the West Manse Quilt retreat And I loved it. Even more than the first time because this time I knew what to expect.

There were five chums who went, not all the others are on social media, well some are but don't post anything :-)

So what's it like? Well the rooms are fab:


This is the sweet little room me and my chum shared, there are three other rooms which can be used as singles.

This is the workroom. Ample room for five sewers:


You get fed LOADs of great food, teas coffees and cakes always on hand:


It's sheer and utter bliss.

So what did I make? Well I took a pile of thirties fabrics:


I chopped them up, a LOT.

And made some of these:

A whole load of these:

Threw in a barrel of these:

These are the start of log cabins which finish up at 2.5 inches square ..... Oh I looooved making those ... Praps not.

What did I end up with??

A thirties Tula pink butterfly that's what!


The eagle eyed among you will notice that it is not quite complete, I ran out of white, hey ho, it's finished now and will no doubt appear on here as soon as I figure out how to quilt something this mahoosive!

The best thing about quilt retreat though??

This wee chap!

Look at that faaaace!


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  1. Oh my sheila that quilt is all kinds of awesome! I never really liked the pattern before which is odd given my love of butterflies but this version pops out of the plain background and I love it! Good job! The rooms at the retreat took luffly too!