Saturday, 16 May 2015

Paducah, the official festival

The official festival was amazing ... Just incredible. Four main areas of vendors plus several official 'outposts' such as the national quilt museum, exhibition at the Rotary center, shops such as Quilt in a Day, Calico Country and Hancocks.


I have to say that although quilt in a day and calico country were OK, don't get me wrong I would love to have either as my LQS but they were blown into a cocked hat by Hancocks of Paducah.


Doesn't look that much from outside but inside .... Well I didn't get too many pictures that's because I was too busy wandering up and down the aisles with my trolley.


Yes my shopping trolley .... Blooming heck!! How many fabric stores do you need an actual shopping trolley for!!

You can see a glimpse of the aisles of fabric in the picture above.

Now the fabric may have been heavily slanted to the more 'traditional' style, but there was cotton and steel, and Kaffe ( I have never ever figured out if he is modern or not, don't care either!) I found loads of Anna Griffin, I love her designs

There was a lot of batiks, a lot. I love batiks, there I've said it! Moving swiftly on they also had fab bargains on rotary blades, needles, I went round with my trolley four times in that one visit, and yes of course I went back again! With fabric at 5-10 dollars a yard! I'm not stoopid :-).

It was also a nice respite getting on the bus to go to these places, meeting other quilters. We also made good use of the liquor store just next to Hancocks :-)


The quilts were amazing too. Very very traditional (which is no bad thing) lots of appliqué, Baltimore quilts. Some stunning work.





I attended very few official festival events. Mainly because the classes all seemed to need you to bring your sewing machine. I found out there that there were sewing machines for those who couldn't bring their own. Hey ho, lesson learned!

I attended two things, Ricky Timms live at the Carson. I knew about Ricky and his beautiful quilts, but still wasn't sure what this evening event would be like.

It was mainly an evening of him telling stories, and playing the piano, both of which he did very well and it was entertaining but I think I would have liked a bit more about the quilts.

He did show quite a few though, forgive the very blurry pictures!



The other official event I attended was an "All star review" it was 10 quilters who gave what I would class as lightening talks (10 mins) on a technique, pattern etc. Very good and very entertaining, I bought two patterns from Maggie Bell on the back of her talk and went and spent a small fortune with Jodie Barrows in her civil war pattern booth. This is what I loved about the all star review, listening to the quilters speak inspired me to look at their patterns and fabrics in a whole new way. Civil war fabric has never been on my hit list, I always thought it too dull and muddy. I've now got a LOAD of it and am sooper excited to get cracking :-)


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