Wednesday, 25 March 2015


I was lucky enough to attend a talk by the super fabulous Karen Lewis arranged by the Edinburgh Modern Quilt guild.

She was amazing and made me look at fabric afresh and with a less jaded eye. I don't think I had realised it but I was getting a bit 'meh' about fabric.

Her designs are stunning, I now can't wait to try a screen printing class with her.

I saw her fabrics would be ideal for the #ukigminiswap I entered into. The colours are totally what my partner would like.

So I set about cutting into the precious haul I bought and two days later:

Ta dah!

One mini swoon block (background neutral is Karen Lewis)


Mini swoon two, all Karen Lewis

Mini swoon three, background neutral is Karen Lewis

And here are all four together, the red and grey one is all Karen Lewis

So I think it is the start of a love affair with fabric again!

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  1. It would be amazing to have a screen printing class with Karen Lewis! You are so lucky to have attended her talk. The fabrics work really well with the swoon block also, they have the same sort of feel about them, very springy. How many do you think you will make?

  2. Very cute swoon blocks! I have just finished my swoon quilt, and I love the pattern.