Saturday, 3 January 2015


Harumph! I have been doing the one word instead of resolutions for YEARS I will have you know! Ooooookkkkkaaayyyy you can borrow it, just give me credit OK?

I always hated new year resolutions, never saw the point, could never stick to them. So a few years back I decided to find words to mould my year too. Ok maybe I saw someone else do it first ...

Last years word was acceptance, I really needed to come to tems with how ill I had been and stop harking back to what I was like before 6 months chemo. I needed to accept what had happened and just move the feck on!!

I think I mostly managed that, I am slowly regaining fitness levels, my attention is not what it used to be, I do miss storming through book after book, last year I was grateful to get through five books in the whole year, not that long ago I could have done that in a month. Hey ho, I am still in a far better place than most and should be damn grateful for it!!

But there was also a lot of anxiety and stress last year, not sure where that all came from could be something to do with my age *cough* 50 *cough* so this year my word is - fear-less. I have hyphenated it because I am using it in all senses, I aim to be fearless - abseiling off forth rail bridge anyone?? And also to have less fear. So 2015 I am officially grabbing you by the bollocks and looking you straight in the eyes - none of that stress and anxiety malarkey - OK???

Oh yes and more sewing, always more sewing my dears.


  1. Sounds like a plan! Hope 2015 brings more fun adventures!

  2. Big Braveheart yell from over here. Gaun yersel' hen!! x