Saturday, 31 January 2015

I won a prize you know!


Yes it's a bronze sugar sifter ... But it's still a prize :-) I won it for this cushion which I may have posted about before ...
But that's because I love it and had one of the best days ever making it at a class with the fab Jo.
The prize was the monthly 'make' for the Scottish womans rural institute, I go to the Greenhill branch, fab bunch of ladies always a hoot. I had to give my prize back this month, farewell bronze sugar sifter.


Sunday, 18 January 2015

The troll under the chair

At the 2013 Festival of quilts, my good chum Irene came dashin up to me and said, "you have to see the latest BOM from totally patched" we had done a previous BOM from them:

So I was excited to see this latest one. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to do it.

Now I know I commit to a lot but I do my best to finish them. This top came together ok but then the thought of quilting it just terrified me, it's HUGE!!

So it got folded away last October and just lurked under the chair in my sewing room like a little troll.

So up comes 2015 and my promise to be fear - less !!

Right, this may have just about broken my wee domestic sewing machine and it definitely feels as if it has broken my arms but it is done ... Let's not look toooooo closely, there may be a pucker or *cough* 20 *cough* it's not square and the binding .... Let's not go there.

But it is done and as a lovely lady said on intsagram, at least i had the courage to do it myself.

And a huge thanks to my long suffering husband who froze his butt off to let me get some pics today.





Saturday, 10 January 2015

Don't you ..... Forget about me

How could I not have blogged about this wee beauty?



This got finished septemberish?? A WIP for 2 years. A fab sew along from Papillon creations the pattern came out in 24 parts. To say I loved doing this is a complete understatement. I can't do much hand stitching due to tendon issues so to be able to do this was fantastic.
Here are a few in progress shots:

My luffly sew around the world sampler, I haven't forgotten about you, many happy memories.

Saturday, 3 January 2015


Harumph! I have been doing the one word instead of resolutions for YEARS I will have you know! Ooooookkkkkaaayyyy you can borrow it, just give me credit OK?

I always hated new year resolutions, never saw the point, could never stick to them. So a few years back I decided to find words to mould my year too. Ok maybe I saw someone else do it first ...

Last years word was acceptance, I really needed to come to tems with how ill I had been and stop harking back to what I was like before 6 months chemo. I needed to accept what had happened and just move the feck on!!

I think I mostly managed that, I am slowly regaining fitness levels, my attention is not what it used to be, I do miss storming through book after book, last year I was grateful to get through five books in the whole year, not that long ago I could have done that in a month. Hey ho, I am still in a far better place than most and should be damn grateful for it!!

But there was also a lot of anxiety and stress last year, not sure where that all came from could be something to do with my age *cough* 50 *cough* so this year my word is - fear-less. I have hyphenated it because I am using it in all senses, I aim to be fearless - abseiling off forth rail bridge anyone?? And also to have less fear. So 2015 I am officially grabbing you by the bollocks and looking you straight in the eyes - none of that stress and anxiety malarkey - OK???

Oh yes and more sewing, always more sewing my dears.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Last but not least of the Q4 finishes

I had actually posted about this but managed to delet the post, way to go Budsmam ... I have wanted to do the Marcis maze pattern for ages. It seemed like a great scrap busting exercise too.

So on the list it went. And I got to cutting out the fabric, I got so carried away I managed to cut out enough for three quilts ... Maths is not a strong point!





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