Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 a year in quilts, the stats etc

Well that was a bit of a year wasn't it?? It all started with the #apquiltalong which resulted in this quilt


Along the way we finished the farmers wife

And it's finished with some hexies


So what's gone on in between??
Well almost 40 quilts have gone to linus ... Blimey. I sometimes wonder about linus, how much of a difference does a quilt make? This has been answered twice this year. A few weeks ago a friend on facebook sent me a message about her chum whose child is having stem cell treatment, they had been given a linus quilt and said how much comfort they had cuddling under it.
By far the most 'in Yer face' reminder of the power of a quilt was during delivering quilts to a local respite care home. One of the care workers was so keen to show me around. She was telling me all about the quilts they have recieved from linus. She was telling me about Sammy a young child who had loved his linus quilt sooooo much, Sammy went every where with his quilt. Sadly he passed away but his mother knew how much his quilt meant to him so she made sure it came back to the care home so it could be used for other children. At this point the care worker pulled out the quilt ...... Yep it was one of the first ones I ever made and donated to linus about 7 years ago ......
This is now faded from washing.
Blimey budsmam had to quickly make her excuses and leave.
So, for 2015 my goals are to continue to enjoy my sewing and continue to support linus in whatever way I can, never underestimate the power of a quilty hug.
So many many quilty hugs to you all, whatever you do make sure you grab life by the cajones xxx



  1. I love that Linus story (who is cutting onions in here?!) almost as much as I love your AP quilt. But I think I've said before your Farmers Wife is glorious!!! It's the orange setting triangles and cornerstones I think - and I'm not a big orange fan normally!

  2. Wonderful work Sheila. And so glad you were able to be there to hear that story about one of your loved quilts!