Sunday, 19 October 2014

Testing testing, or in other words is it over between us flickr?

I loved flickr, please note the past tense ... I used to have a string of groups there, no more, had to go pro to upload more pics, no more.
It's not instagrams fault, if flickr still had the same functionality as before then fine I would switch between the two. But now I need two apps on the iPad to do what I used to do with one .... Enough.
So I'm trying something new, uploading to picasa, please don't laugh at me!! I can't upload to blogger from ipad as it screws up picture resolution and I'm crap enough at taking pictures on my own thank you very much!
So here we go, picasa do your thing and show off inner body of one of the three sew along bags I am currently in the throes of making:

Pretty in pink !

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