Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Lets talk about stress baby

Whoof! Well it's been a fair old time chez budsmam, not health related but last week fairly smacked me in the face with a sizeable chunk of stress. All receding (ish) now but leaving a fairly discombobulated budsmam in its wake.

My saviour through all this? Well apart from fabbity husband my sewing has been my saviour. I seem to have assembled *ahem* 6 or 7 quilts tops ..... My next FAL finish is going to be EPIC :-)

So what do I take away from this rather nasty episode? Think less, sew more and bollocks to the rest of it. Yep that sums it up ;-)

So quilt wise what did I make? The hexie quilt top is made:


Ive been doing these cute wee hexies on my daily commute for months now, nice to get them all put together.

I had some left over plus I had some EPP blocks which were in a pile of stuff given to me by a work colleague when she cleared out her mothers house. I think her mother would be happy with what I did with them, both tops of course ae going to project linus.


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  1. "Think less, sew more and bollocks to the rest of it."

    I think I might need that on a tee. *g* Lovely quilts, missus, and I hope things are getting back to an even keel for ya! x