Tuesday, 21 October 2014

I did a thing

Whoah yea baby, I only went and blooming abseiled off the Forth rail bridge! Uh huh, indeedy.

Why? Because I can, that's why. I realised when I was sick how quickly you can loose your health, so while I have it I am blooming well going to use it!

It also raised money for CHSS, chest heart and stroke Scotland, in memory of my step father Sandy who suffered heart problems most of his life.

Sooooo this Sunday my (long suffering) husband came with me to South Queensferry. To say it was blawin a hoolie (gale) would be a tad understated.

But that didn't deter me, people had paid hard earned cash for me to do this, as I went up the bridge I kept muttering, 500 quid, 500 quid, that's what the sponsorship was at, now it's at 570!!!

Anyhoo. You get kitted up then walk up to the bridge, you get clipped to a line and stand in a queue for an instructor. That's me far right.

Once an instructor is free you go to him, he puts all the lines through your gear and tells you how to feed the rope through. Then you have to step onto a girder by squeezing yourself through the railings. This is me stepping onto my girder. I'm in the blue jacket.


Then all you have to do is step off .... Yeah right that's all you have to do!! But it was fine, the instructors and all volunteers were amazing, I felt totally safe.


I need you to be honest with me though, does my bum look big in this??


Here is a nice shot for scale


Aaallllllmost there

I DID IT!!!!!!


Feel free to comment about the look on my face, everyone else has!

And the rain started just as I headed back to long suffering spouse who was eating cheesy chips.

Thank you so much to everyone who sponsored me, you are a fab bunch.


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