Sunday, 19 October 2014

From BIBs to BOOBS

I feel as if I am in a quilting berserker rage at the moment, me and my chum are going to America next year and will visit the quilt show in paducah. To say the levels of sooper excitedness chez budsmam are stratospheric would be an understatement.

But .... I feel the need to clear out the old fabric to make way for all the shiny new stuff I *may* acquire when I am across there.

So the plan is to turn all my BIBs (blocks in boxes) to BOOBs (blocks out of boxes) i.e. made up quilt tops.

Looking out all my bibs I came across these cute wee things. Every festival of quilts I have tried to do a class by Catherine Nichols, her free motion quilting is amazing, her text FMQing is just stunning, I can't find much of her work online to show you but here is her website.

She is such a lovely lovely lady too, so nice, her classes are always a treat.

This was the first I did with her, she gave us a screen printed panel to FMQ over. My skillz need a bit of honing ....


This was the one I did this year:



Thank you Catherine for giving me such lovely memories and lovely classes.


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