Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Wow quarter 4?! When did that happen, I have to say this has been great for me keeping my mind focused on what I have to finish and stopping me from starting a gazillion new projects.

So my list for Q4, lets start with the roll overs

1. Marcis maze quilt, these are almost done, just need to layer up and quilt

2. Stash bee, again almost there with this one

3. Hexies I have made a start on getting these done, so fingers crossed

4. Apple core pep, this is a new one, from a class with the lovely Fiona At the Stitch gathering this year. I want to get these sewn and made into a cushion.


5. African fabric, I've had this for years and have several patterns in mind, now is your time to shine my pretties.
6. Purple and stripes charm squares, had these from a swap earlier this year, want to use them up, let's see what they become!

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  1. Ooh, those African fabrics look very interesting!

    1. they are rather nifty, trouble is I have too many patterns in mind for them!