Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Tired ratty and discombobulated

I keep on meaning to blog but then I am either to tired, ratty or discombobulated. Not even a mammoth shopping expedition to the festival of quilts helped ...


I think it's because all of my sewing time is being spent on a quilt for the inlaws. Don't get me wrong I. Love them, very happy to do it, but I have done the pattern before, so no challenge there and I just don't like the colours. So no mindful therapy from my sewing at the mo.

Here are some low quality Instagram pics.



It's getting there, blocks done layered up and quilted, it's being done quilt as you go which doesn't help.
Oh dear, I'm a bit of a moan just now.



  1. Oh Sheila! It does look pretty! Sounds like it's nearly finished, and then you can reward yourself by splashing some riotous colours everywhere!

  2. It is pretty but I know what you mean. I've done a couple of quilts that haven't been my normal colour scheme for people and it's hard to get motivated to do them xx

  3. It can be really hard making a quilt that isn't 'you'. I'm working on one at the moment and hate it.
    Don't think I could ever have a longarm quilting business.

    I keep looking ahead to when I've got my ugly quilt out of the way!