Sunday, 6 July 2014

Finish along Q2 - how did I do?

Blimey looks like I may just squeek in for the link up. Right how did I do? Well I checked back on my list for Quarter 2 to see how wildly over ambitious I had been.
It wasn't too bad actually, I knew a lot of it was not realistic. I put them on the list to shame me into not ignoring them. So was there a finish??
YEAAAAAAAA I haz a finish :-)

The APQ quilt along tone it down quilt, I love this one so much.
But that is it as far as finishes go.
I have made progress on the farmers wife, and I am seriously hoping to list it as a finish next quarter. Marcis Maze too is coming along, it will be rolled over. Also to be rolled over is the craftsy BOM 2012, I am taking this to a quilting retreat up at Cullen in a few weeks time so fingers fingers crossed it will be down as a finish for next quarter! Linking up to Katy, thanks again for hosting this it is really focussing my mind on getting stuff finished and not just starting new shiny stuff :-)
Finish Along 2014


  1. Love that quilt. It's beautiful!

  2. I think that may be the teeniest finish photo ever lol Congrats!