Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Last for today - honest

Annnnnnnd number 4 on my list for quarter 3 was the scrappy trips blocks.

From those wee beauties I got not one but two quilts :-)


Large above and small below


Finish Along 2014

Next up

On the finish along list is number 3 from my list for quarter 3 the craftsy BOM from 2012. It has been all sashed and ready to QAYG for over a year. I took it up to the quilt retreat at Cullen great place to go to stitch and relax. I got most of it done there and finished off the rest on my first weeks holiday.


I used a very scrappy backing as it was QAYG:


This will go to Project Linus, we love Project Linus!

Finish Along 2014

FINISHES!! I haz finishes :-)

And lots of them too, come and marvel at all my finishes ...
Righty ho this is finish number 1 from my list the mighty farmers wife quilt. Blimey this has been a journey! Started in 2011 I fumbled along with the teensy weensy templates until the beginning of this year when I started using the paper piecing files from the yahoo group. They were not without their own challenges but still greatly speeded up my piecing. I did 50 blocks over the past 3 years and did 60 this year ... Speaks for itself really. I took this to the lovely Beechwood quilting where I long armed it myself. I was pretty chuffed for my first attempt.
Many thanks to the ever patient Mark my lovely husband who held several quilts over our balcony so I could get a decent shot!

I'm going to keep this one, we have bonded :-)

Finish Along 2014

Friday, 11 July 2014

Finish along Q3

Right let's move with a purpose here. I had a measly one finish for Q2 but that was mainly because I was working on a lot of big projects. These I can and will get finished for Q3 *crosses fingers behind back*

Right first some roll overs

1. Farmers wife

I have been making good progress on this, it's booked in so I can long arm it, this is a good candidate for a finish :-)

2. Marcis maze
Another roll over but again, been beavering away in the background on this one, am hopeful!
3. Craftsy BOM 2012
Yep I know I know another roll over but this one is coming to a quilting retreat with me soooo
keep fingers crossed :-)
4. Scrappy trip
This is a new one, I've been in the scrappy trip around the world swap for 6 rounds now so I need to do something with these blocks.
5. Stash bee
May was my month for the stash bee, I have about 16 gorgeous blocks just need to think how to set them.
6. Hexies
Not sure about these, I have been using up scraps and hand sewing these on my daily commute. I do want to do something but not sure what yet.
Finish Along 2014




Sunday, 6 July 2014

Finish along Q2 - how did I do?

Blimey looks like I may just squeek in for the link up. Right how did I do? Well I checked back on my list for Quarter 2 to see how wildly over ambitious I had been.
It wasn't too bad actually, I knew a lot of it was not realistic. I put them on the list to shame me into not ignoring them. So was there a finish??
YEAAAAAAAA I haz a finish :-)

The APQ quilt along tone it down quilt, I love this one so much.
But that is it as far as finishes go.
I have made progress on the farmers wife, and I am seriously hoping to list it as a finish next quarter. Marcis Maze too is coming along, it will be rolled over. Also to be rolled over is the craftsy BOM 2012, I am taking this to a quilting retreat up at Cullen in a few weeks time so fingers fingers crossed it will be down as a finish for next quarter! Linking up to Katy, thanks again for hosting this it is really focussing my mind on getting stuff finished and not just starting new shiny stuff :-)
Finish Along 2014