Sunday, 29 June 2014


Blimey, three years later and the top is done ..... I still can't quite believe it. Is it possible to get emotional about a quilt? Well of course it is. I calculated that I started this in 2011 just before I got hit with cancer, I made about 30 blocks during that time. Only 10 or so blocks in 2012 and 13 respectively. I struggled so hard with the itty bitty templates. I discovered the yahoo group early this year and got flying with the foundation patterns from there. What a difference! I managed 60 blocks this year.

Two days of solid piecing have resulted in this!


I am investigating long arming options for this, I think it deserves it. So strange to feel it is done after all this time.

Here is a wee close up:





  1. Beautiful. Definitely deserves special attention with the quilting xx

  2. congrats on getting it finished. It is stunning.

  3. It looks lovely with the sunlight behind. Congratulations on finishing such a long and meaningful Project, , hope it always reminds you that the journey is worth it.

  4. What a great accomplishment, Sheila! Being finished is such a great feeling : )