Wednesday, 14 May 2014

To bee or not to bee

Been thinking a bit recently about the bees I am in. I was very trepidatious (probably not a real word but i like it!) when I started swapping. The very first bee or swap (some of them blur the lines I think between a traditional bee and a swap) I joined was the scrappy trip around the world. After a few rounds I was confident enough to sign up as a hive mama.

Since then I've joined a fair few and on the whole the experience has been great. I can never forget the help and support I got from Amanda Kattner and the lovely Laurie when one of my parcels went AWOL for the fussy cut swap. Both immediately jumped in and said that they would supply blocks to replace my missing ones. How lovely, people I have never met showing such kindness.

In real life the Edinburgh Modeen quilt guild started it's first bee last night, my group got a lovely tutorial from Ann for the houses she wants.

The stash bee is a new one for me, I was terrified about posting a complete tutorial but again nothin but positive comments.

I think that is the key - positivity. In the LBQB I am in, everyone is pitching in and helping out. It makes it so much more worthwhile.

There have been one or two downsides, blocks not sent, some misinterpreted comments but that's life I suppose.

So I think what I am saying is that on the whole I like to Bee rather than not to Bee.


So no post is complete without a picture, these are not my quilts but are from the lovely ladies at the Muckhart quilt group. Nikki managed to score us some amazing Borders biscuits for all the work the ladies do for project Linus. They went down a treat.


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