Wednesday, 12 March 2014

What to do when a doggy asks for a quilt

Well you make them one! I may have said before how much I love twitter. I started using it mostly because of my dog Bud. There are so many doggy (not dodgy, ahem) people on twitter, I love seeing a picture of a dog having fun, fair brightens up my day. Even more so now since Bud passed away.

I seem to have become well known for giving my quilts away. I don't give to everyone who asks but if it's a good cause then I am more than happy.

@beasleydogue has had a few of my quilts to raise funds for the Dogues charity he supports. So when their laptop went on the fritz he had a flash auction to raise funds for them.

I was delighted to give them this quilt

Such a sunny happy quilt I think. The center was made at a Jennie Rayment workshop. I had the most fun, she is such a brilliant laugh. So fun happy quilt, happy new owner of quilt, happy mindful quilter.


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