Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Oh the sooper excitement levels chez Budsmam. The workshop list for the 2014 festival of quilts is out. Queue spreadhseets, working out optimum workshop versus shopping experience.
I have been going to the FOQ for years now, I even went two days after my cancer diagnosis and spent an absolute fortune! Ran around squealing 'life's too short not to buy fabric' heh heh.
This year, well am a bit disspaointed it's all very 'art quilt' focused, there is only so much you can do with bondaweb ladies :-) that was said tongue in cheek.
I am still very confident that I will sign up to too many classes, spend an absolute fortune and have a ball.
In other news I am in the club .... The liberty charm square club from Very Berry
Also I have re jigged my travelling times a bit, so I now get an extra hour in the morning, perfect for ploughing on with the Farmers Wife blocks, I am determined to get these done this year. After a slightly rocky start with the paper piecing I am now storming on, this is this weeks production:

I am in my orange phase :-)
Have fun folks.


  1. Love the orange star and hurray for finding time to squeeze in a little more sewing!

  2. How wonderful to get an extra hour in the morning to quilt!!!! Lucky lady - no doubt you deserve it though!