Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Oh the sooper excitement levels chez Budsmam. The workshop list for the 2014 festival of quilts is out. Queue spreadhseets, working out optimum workshop versus shopping experience.
I have been going to the FOQ for years now, I even went two days after my cancer diagnosis and spent an absolute fortune! Ran around squealing 'life's too short not to buy fabric' heh heh.
This year, well am a bit disspaointed it's all very 'art quilt' focused, there is only so much you can do with bondaweb ladies :-) that was said tongue in cheek.
I am still very confident that I will sign up to too many classes, spend an absolute fortune and have a ball.
In other news I am in the club .... The liberty charm square club from Very Berry
Also I have re jigged my travelling times a bit, so I now get an extra hour in the morning, perfect for ploughing on with the Farmers Wife blocks, I am determined to get these done this year. After a slightly rocky start with the paper piecing I am now storming on, this is this weeks production:

I am in my orange phase :-)
Have fun folks.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Funny old week

Been a funny old week here chez Budsmam. Week of computer failures, highs lows. I thought I had lost all my pictures of my beloved dog Bud who passed away 2 years ago. It clearly showed me I hadn't really dealt with his passing. Bud was a star, he really was, the one room he was not allowed in was the sewing room, I didn't want dog hairs in the floor where I lay out quilt tops. So the wee beggar used to sit in the doorway with the tips of both paws just resting over the threshold.

Here is the handsome chap himself


He was my best running buddy too.




Wednesday, 12 March 2014

What to do when a doggy asks for a quilt

Well you make them one! I may have said before how much I love twitter. I started using it mostly because of my dog Bud. There are so many doggy (not dodgy, ahem) people on twitter, I love seeing a picture of a dog having fun, fair brightens up my day. Even more so now since Bud passed away.

I seem to have become well known for giving my quilts away. I don't give to everyone who asks but if it's a good cause then I am more than happy.

@beasleydogue has had a few of my quilts to raise funds for the Dogues charity he supports. So when their laptop went on the fritz he had a flash auction to raise funds for them.

I was delighted to give them this quilt

Such a sunny happy quilt I think. The center was made at a Jennie Rayment workshop. I had the most fun, she is such a brilliant laugh. So fun happy quilt, happy new owner of quilt, happy mindful quilter.


Monday, 3 March 2014

Falling in love again

With the farmers wife, I had totally stalled on it, almost given up but thought I would give it one last chance and tried the paper piecing method.

It almost fell at the first hurdle. The first block was fine :


But the second one, oh dear ......
There is so much wrong about this!!
But I persevered and looky!! Some not half bad blocks.


Sunday, 2 March 2014

Loosing the plot, and the posts

Memo to self ALWAYS save a local draft so you don't have to re type whole blooming post when blogsy throws a hissy fit.

Anyhoo, it's been a while, I have been sewing, I started this quilt top:



In a class up in Aberdeen at Seattle quilt company. It was a great class and Carol Munro is a fab instructor but I am just not sure about my incredibly random choice of fabrics. It now has borders on and there are circles to be appliqu├ęd on so I am liking it a bit more.

This took up most of January and February, the great APQ quilt along, the top is done, et voila:


I love it, but like the wavy block quilt too, it is massive, so I now have 2 huge quilt tops to wrastle through the machine, eh dear I will never learn ...

I was really up in Aberdeen for a hen party, my first proper hen party I usually avoid them like the plague, but for a special chum you go along and join in the adventure, it was bingo, which I ended up really enjoying, and I think I managed to carry off the hen party look quite well ;-)