Thursday, 16 January 2014

2014 FAL

I read a lot of posts on last year FAL hosted by Leanne I loved the way it made people focus on what they were doing and helped manage the WIPs and UFOs. So I was determined to leap into this years FAL hosted by Katy Cameron.


I realised sometime about new year, or Hogmanay as we call it in Scotland that I am like Dug the dog from up, *point! Squirrel!* distracted by any new shiny QAL or BOM which comes along. I really really need to curb that this year. Not made a terribly good start on that, damn you APQ quilt along.

Anyhoo here is my list

1. Pink polkadot quilt.

This is from the Pile o fabric skill builder QAL. I loved this and it did challenge me in many areas, I used it to start building up some FMQ practice. I think I have the most chance of getting this one done in the first quarter, I have two rows QAYG'd only 3 more to do.

2. APQ quilt along


I have 4 blocks done, all my light background fabrics cut and the main focus fabrics pulled, I can do this right?



3. Mack and Mabel quilt


I fell I love with this pattern when I saw it on craftsy it coincided with a massive stash clear out I was having. I cut up all the fabrics needed for it from my scrap pile, again most of this is done, the blocks look as if they come together pretty easily so again, I can do this!


Look it, just to prove I have fabrics cut ....



4.Silk quilt

Oh dear, my poor poor neglected silk quilt, this has been on every New Years list for years now!! I was well in the groove with this but when I fell ill a few years ago I didn't have the concentration needed to make the blocks. It from the 'How to make an heirloom quilt' book by the lovely Pauline Ineson (and she is lovely, met her a few times at the FOQ and she is just the loveliest lady. I love the book, the blocks themselves are challenging but very do-able so why oh why don't I just get back to this one?? Oh yeah *point! Squirrel!*





5. Farmers wife

Ah yes the good old famers wife .... I have almost given up on this several times, but I am now at block 50 it seems such a shame to give up now, but I struggle with the teensy weensy templates, I have printed out the paper piecing sheets and am going to give that a go, let's see if this results in a finish??


Linking up at the last gasp ...


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  1. Ah yes, 'Ooooh, shiny!' gets me every time too lol

    Good luck with the list!

  2. Oh, I have a pile of FW paper templates printed too... Looking forward to seeing your progress! Good luck!

  3. Wow, that's a lot of great finishes!

  4. I love the Mack and Mabel quilt, I have started a quilt with the same fabric (it's Reunion by Sweetwater).
    This FAL is an excellent idea ... I could list so many WIPs ... but don't tell my hubby!
    Keep smiling x al