Thursday, 16 January 2014

2014 FAL

I read a lot of posts on last year FAL hosted by Leanne I loved the way it made people focus on what they were doing and helped manage the WIPs and UFOs. So I was determined to leap into this years FAL hosted by Katy Cameron.


I realised sometime about new year, or Hogmanay as we call it in Scotland that I am like Dug the dog from up, *point! Squirrel!* distracted by any new shiny QAL or BOM which comes along. I really really need to curb that this year. Not made a terribly good start on that, damn you APQ quilt along.

Anyhoo here is my list

1. Pink polkadot quilt.

This is from the Pile o fabric skill builder QAL. I loved this and it did challenge me in many areas, I used it to start building up some FMQ practice. I think I have the most chance of getting this one done in the first quarter, I have two rows QAYG'd only 3 more to do.

2. APQ quilt along


I have 4 blocks done, all my light background fabrics cut and the main focus fabrics pulled, I can do this right?



3. Mack and Mabel quilt


I fell I love with this pattern when I saw it on craftsy it coincided with a massive stash clear out I was having. I cut up all the fabrics needed for it from my scrap pile, again most of this is done, the blocks look as if they come together pretty easily so again, I can do this!


Look it, just to prove I have fabrics cut ....



4.Silk quilt

Oh dear, my poor poor neglected silk quilt, this has been on every New Years list for years now!! I was well in the groove with this but when I fell ill a few years ago I didn't have the concentration needed to make the blocks. It from the 'How to make an heirloom quilt' book by the lovely Pauline Ineson (and she is lovely, met her a few times at the FOQ and she is just the loveliest lady. I love the book, the blocks themselves are challenging but very do-able so why oh why don't I just get back to this one?? Oh yeah *point! Squirrel!*





5. Farmers wife

Ah yes the good old famers wife .... I have almost given up on this several times, but I am now at block 50 it seems such a shame to give up now, but I struggle with the teensy weensy templates, I have printed out the paper piecing sheets and am going to give that a go, let's see if this results in a finish??


Linking up at the last gasp ...


Finish Along 2014

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Stash bee


I wanted to branch out from my usual lurking along quilting along so this year I joined the Stash Bee, I'm in hive 3.

January was hosted by the lovely Alison from Little Bunny Quilts I love the block she chose and her colour combinations. I made a test block first which I will keep




What I hope to do is make one of each block for myself and then put together a really scrappy quilt at the end of the year from them.

Here is the first block I made for Alison, I do hope to get another done for her I have most of a second block done but not made up.


My first link up in a while to WIP Wednesday and my first of 2014!


Friday, 3 January 2014

Sucker for a QAL

Eh dear I am such a sucker for a quilt along, and after a marathon cutting session I am now 2 blocks into the APQ quilt along hashtag #APQquiltalong on Instagram.





Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Girls just wanna have fun

I think the lovely Nessa summed it up perfectly when she commented on my last post that crafting should be fun.

And that is my aim for 2014, have fun with my crafting, think less and do more!

I am reading lots of blogs ra out fabric fasts, using only from stash, I think I have now whittled down my stash to a manageable amount, I can now see the wood for the trees.

So 2014, you have the delights of the Stash bee blog to look forward to, am sooper excited about that. I seemed to have managed to stave off any rash BOMs, well apart from the APQ quilt along .... *ahem* but hey that has used up a HUGE amount of my stash as well as giving me RSI from all the cutting.

Have a happy fun filled crafting new year, here are my last quilts of 2013:

Hello Moon BOM



Craftsy BOM 2013