Sunday, 20 October 2013

New camera!

I have been having camera issues for a while. I had a great little point and shoot, Nikon coolpix, fab wee thing. Husband is majorly into hillwalking and was always borrowing it as it was lighter than his big camera. In the end I just told him to keep it and I would learn how to use the big camera .... There was my first mistake. I am totally pants at photography, I went on courses, and was rubbish, I tried to read and learn from manual, still pants, even signed up for a craftsy course, nope not happening.
So then husband goes on big challenge walk and looses small camera. Cue much soul searching and we decided to sell big camera and buy two small easy to use ones.
SQUEE! I am now the proud owner of easy to use, idiot proof Nikon coolpix, 20 megapixel, my very first one was only 5 megapixel, it was top of the range at the time!
So what to try out my new toy on? Well the fat quarter stars quilt seemed the best thing:

This was a quilt along from Moose on the porch quilts it's one off the very first quilt alongs I participated in. A lot of fond memories. I wanted to practice my FMQing on this so did it QAYG. I hope I have mastered acceptable stippling and half decent pebbles. I just love the quilt, learned so much on this quilt along.


  1. Your quilt is really pretty! I love the pebble quilting, it always makes me want to touch it! So glad it gives you good memories when you look at it.

  2. What a lovely quilt, very pretty colours. And good photos too - I hope you keep enjoying your new camera! juliex