Sunday, 14 July 2013


Well enough of the maudlin self indulgent posts :-) lets get back to the proper stuff, crafting.
My big sis, who is by the way the bestest big sis in the whole wide world, laughs at one of my Pinterest boards, it's called 'crafts other than patchwork'. Well, there is really only patchwork is there ;-) Before I got the quilting/patchwork bug my main craft was embroidery, mainly hardanger. Tendon problems in my arms put paid to me doing that as my main hobby but as long as I take it easy I can still do some.
At last years FOQ (festival of quilts) I signed up for a class taught by the fabulous Bella Lane what a marvellous young lady she is, so sweet and her needle work is out of this world.
I did the class called Tudor rose and I just got round to finishing it this weekend, sitting out in the sun.
I think it safe to say the Royal School of Needlework will not be calling at my door, but I like it and it makes me smile.

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