Wednesday, 22 May 2013

My granny used to say ...

My grandmother was a wonderful cook. All plain and simple but fabulous, what that woman could do with a chicken was unbelievable :-) She always used to say that the cooking could tell if she wasn't in the mood for it, scones wouldn't rise, she would burn things. Well sunday was like that for me, as we say in Scotland I was off my stott (out of sorts)
Soooo spent the day ripping sewing unpicking, sewing ripping some more. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of sewing I have on the go at the moment, I admire people who have large piles of WIPs some going back years, that would just stress me, mind you I am reminded of my silk quilt which has languished in the cupboard for almost 2 years now ...
But I'm not a quitter, I did eventually get the chev n hex block for the skill builder BOM done. Some of these seams have been ripped out 3 or 4 times.
It's not perfect, and English paper piecing is never going to be my favourite technique but it's done, so now to move on to the other piles of stuff waiting to be done!


  1. Beautiful block. Have you done the other Skill Builder blocks? I would like to, but I haven't even gotten started on them. Someday...

    1. Thank you! Yes I have done them, am enjoying it