Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Heart to heart

I love a challenge but sometimes things are more challenging than others. If you have seen any of my quilts you will realise I like bright bold colours. I don't do a lot in green and I hate 'muddy' tones and hues.
So when I got this fabric:

My heart sank, bit of a pun there as the fabric is part of a heart to heart challenge run by a friends local patchwork store. We have to take this fabric, add other bits and make something they can sell at an auction to make money for the British Heart Foundation. Now I love the BHF, my stepfather had chronic heart disease and lived a long life due to the wonders of medical science, so I really want to help.
But oh dear me, this fabric is just not me. It has kicked around my sewing room glowering at me, moved from table to bed to bookcase all in the hope that inspiration strikes.
With the deadline looming inspiration struck. My good old trusty braid runner. Take a look at the tab called table runners, you will see this pattern used a fair few times, it's my go to pattern when all else fails.
So, I decided to use muddy fabric as accent fabric, pulled out some scraps and started playing about:

It grew:

And now is sitting on the machine getting it's ditches quilted :-)

I quite like it now and the added bonus is I have used up a lot of batiks which were kicking about too.
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  1. I don't do well with browns, greens, and grays either. I am more of a pink, rose, pastel kind of a person. You have done a beautiful job with the "muddy" beginning print!

    1. Thank you! I am pleased with it myself, I love pinks roses and pastels too, but it's good to come out of your comfort zone too. Thank you for stopping by.