Thursday, 23 May 2013

Community work

It sometimes feels as if the world has gone mad. I have only rarely unfriended anyone on facebook (far prefer the mute filter :-) but if someone posts about Enoch Powells Rivers of blood speech, well that's a no brainer. Sad though, my twitter feed is full of English Defence League, mostly anti EDL, but the mere fact it is there saddens me.
So I take refuge as ever in sewing. This week it was particularly appropriate, I went round to a friends house to discuss our entry for the Rurals (Scottitsh Woman's Rural Insitute) entry for a community work competition. There were six of us sat around a kitchen table talking craft. I really really cherish these moments, calm sanity in a crazy world, the homemade cake helped too!
So the theme is black and white, I decided to do a small mat/table topper using the curvy block from Heather Hastorpes Moonshine pattern. I like it, and I like community work too.


  1. Love this block. I have a black and white obsession and blocks like this just fuel it.

    1. I picked up a lot of black and white fabric at last years Festival of quilts, having great fun using them up