Monday, 1 April 2013

Calico quilt

I have been trying to pull all my photographs of quilts together in Flickr, and in true librarian fashion label and tag them. It's lovely because it brings back such fond memories, memories of making the quilts, memories of giving them as presents.
Most of my quilts I give away, our house has many more quilts than it will ev need. Some though have been kept and this is one of them.

I call it the calico quilt for the obvious reason that it was made primarily with calico. It was a block of the month kit, my friend Irene spotted it at the Festival of Quilts, probably about 2009. She and I both signed up for it. I love quilting along with friends, we egg each other on and keep up a healthy dose of competition to see who can get things finished first.

I loved most of the blocks in this quilt although it did confirm my dislike of crazy patchwork. I just can't do crazy patchwork, too unstructured for me. I particularly liked the textured and tucked blocks, very simple but very effective.

I don't think I would make a quilt from calico again though, I can see areas on it now where the seams are pulling apart and I don't think it's all down to my wonky stitching! But we keep the quilt because it is one of my husbands favourite ones, he really can't cope with the amount of pattern and colour my quilts usually have but this one is right up his street :-)

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