Sunday, 24 March 2013

My space

I often think about my space, my sewing space. I always give thanks that I am lucky enough to have a whole room I can dedicate to sewing. Also give thanks for a wonderful husband who doesn't mind :-). Here I can keep my machine up, make as much mess as I want to and can just close the door and not worry too much about tidying up. I know how lucky I am.
A friend is having problems just now and it made me think about how much of a sanctuary my sewing room has become, unconsciously I seem to have surrounded myself with comforting things.
My patchwork and quilting books, c'mon I'm a librarian! There must be books. In author and height order in case you wonder. All catalogued on good books.

Fat quarters, in colour order, all to hand ready for a quick fabric pick if necessary.

Boxes, I love boxes, the box with hearts contained a wedding present from best friend, the shoe box contained my wedding shoes, a present from my wonderful sister. All now contain fabric, or projects. I make a beeline for biscuit boxes from M&S brilliant size for patchwork block, the jubilee was a great year for boxes.

The bed (well it is technically a spare bedroom ...) very handy for laying out quilts in various stages of development, cross stitch cushions, probably about 20 years old. The black object in the red bed, is a knitted dog, a lovely lady made him for me when my beloved dog Bud died, mini Bud is so much comfort. He even has his own mini quilt :-)

Things, just things, Jo Malone bag holds pens and pencils, came with a present from my sister, I love my sister. Small jar holding clover wonder clips and boy are they ever wonderful. 3D kangaroo, present from friend (the one who is having difficulty just now) she gave it to me when I had cancer, she told me that I was the baby joey and I had to hop into the pouch of my family and friends, she was right, I hope now to try and be her pouch.

Fabulous card from fabulous friend, the writing says it all. The red cupcake box at the back is an empty hand cream jar from another good chum. Chums are the best, don't know where I would be without mine.

My sewing machine, a rather rash purchase last year when I finished chemotherapy. Do I regret it? Do I heck as like :-) love it to bits.

finally view from my sewing machine, I made these during chemotherapy, they make me smile and remind me of what is really important.

So that's it, my sanctuary. For this and so much more I give thanks.

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