Friday, 1 February 2013

In the hoop

I took up patchwork because tendon problems in my arms gave me excruciating RSI which meant I had to give up my previous hobby which was embroidery. I say embroidery rather than cross stitch because I tended more towards cut work and drawn thread work, hardanger especially. It always saddened me as I loved the tranquility of sitting with a hoop of fabric and transforming it with various threads.
So when my chum showed me the sew along from Papillion creations I decided to give it a go and see if my arms were any better, I had done some small cross stitch projects recently and found that if I rationed how much I sewed then I could manage to stitch again.
So I am now totally hooked, they are up to part 9 in the sew along, you have to subscribe to the newsletter and pay an initial one or two pounds for the first part but it's free after that. This was me up to part 5:


I am now up to part 7 and desperate to catch up, we get to choose our own background colours and thread colours too, it's difficult to see how it will turn out before you start so I just chose colours with come contrast that I liked. I'm working it on 32 count Belfast linen, if you subscribe to newsletter you can see the gallery of other people's work, some are doing it on black linen very effective.
This is where I am up to just now:



  1. That's beautiful! I've been thinking of getting my embroidery out's been a long time.

    1. Thank you, the Pappillon creations website is well worth a visit, lovely patterns, quite a few free ones too