Monday, 4 February 2013

Clover wonder clips for foundation piecing

I have always been in two minds about foundation piecing. I love the precise results you can get with it, if you get your seams to match up, and that is always where my problems have lain. Whenever matching up seams I always get some shifting.
So it was with some trepidation that I started this pattern from Cindy Richards.
It is beautiful though so I decided to give it a try even though it's only 20 inches square.
These were my colour choices, the pattern is straightforward but needs careful attention to detail.

So armed with templates and copious amounts of coffee I started to piece.
Then came time to start stitching templates together, these were even more daunting due to the large amount of seams in each tiny piece. I would stick pins through each intersection to line up but how to get under machine without any shifting.
That was when I had one of my (rare) light bulb moments. Now I am not claiming to be the first person to think of this, I am sure many others got there before me, but I suddenly realised my clover wonder clips were perfect for this.
So I took my templates with the pins stuck through the intersections like so:

Then keeping the pins in, I inserted a clover wonder clip in between each pin. Like so:

Once all wonderclips are in place remove the pins.
No shifting, easy to take out when you are sewing without any danger of shifting, are you getting the message? :-) no shifting!
I love this, I really want to try more foundation piecing now.
And how did the little quilt turn out?

Dancing stars quilt


  1. This is just gorgeous, I really need to get me some of those wonder clips! You did a really great job!