Tuesday, 22 January 2013


I love Flickr I do :-), every time I hear one of the social media types I follow on twitter say that Flickr is on it's way out I whimper.
I've been hearing that for 2 years now, I won't get complacent but I think there is plenty life in the old girl yet.
If nothing else the quilting community will keep it going. Is there any other platform out there so perfect for online community events? Knitters have Ravelry which looks amazing but where is the equivalent for quilters? There is thread bias which I have dabbled in, it looks good but doesn't work fantastically with the iPad, also I don't feel it's got the momentum yet. Ok I should perhaps help give it the momentum but honestly it just hasn't grabbed me enough. I will give it another go though, promise :-)
Flickr though, to be honest thats the real reason I have joined so many quilt alongs. Flickr stores all my quilt images, from the initial fabric pick through individual blocks right up to the finished item. I can arrange them in sets, add to groups, pull different quilts together using tags, all in all a librarians dream.
The best thing about Flickr? Well for me it's the community aspect. The recent pile o fabric skill builder BOM already has hundreds of participants, I put up a pic of my fabric choices (bit wild) and already have had six comments.
When I had chemotherapy last year I spent a lot of time in isolation, the Internet & Flickr in particular was a lifesaver, seeing those notifications pop up that someone had commented on my pictures was a god send a link to the real world. I am stuck in bed just now, merely with the lurgy but am reminded yet again why I love Flickr.
And my fabric choices? Well here you go since you asked :-)

Fabric choices for pile of fabric BOM

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