Sunday, 13 May 2012

Table runners and falling out of love with silk

I have a passion for table runners, well for making them, not so fussed about having them in the house. Too much trouble to keep clean.
I also love silk, the look and feel of it, but working with it? Well that I can do without. It just frays sooooo much and husband who does the hoovering is getting fed up as it just won't budge from the floor. So i have imposed a restriction on me buying any more. The heirloom silk quilt should be ok as most of it is fused or interfaced but those irresistible little charm packs at the festival of quilts are no go from now on.
So these are my last silk items, two table runners made from the silk packs I bought last year at Festival of Quilts.

This is the middle part of the braid table runner for my niece, she has these lovely colours in her dining room.

Almost finished the second table runner, just got outer border to add.
Watch this space!

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