Saturday, 19 November 2011

Farmer's wife

I have finaly succumbed to the Farmer's wife quilt along ... the thinking is that the 111 6 inch blocks will take me the next three months to do and so see out my current illness. Well thats the thinking anyway :0) I am trying to use my time to perfect my technique and doing things small has never been a good point of mine so this will really tax me, but hopefully in a good way.
There is a flickr group and a yahoo group set up for this quilt based on the book by Laurie Aaron Hird. I belong to both and they are a fantastic resource of help and inspiration. The book took letters from 1920s farm wifes and built a quilt around them.
I am doing this quilt scrappy, still trying to use up my scraps ... here are a few pictures, I am up to no 17 at the mo, the flickr stream show all of them up to date.
Block 1 attic windows

Block 12 broken sugar bowl

Block 14 butterfly at the crossroads

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